The Ultimate Garden Chair!

Terra Grass Furniture

This chair cannot be purchased; you cannot find it in any store and is truly unique to you and your vision.

It is highly unusual, and is for the people who want something different and would like to be featured on one of those garden makeover shows. You wouldn’t be featured on the TV makeover shows by purchasing the same stuff that everybody has in their garden. If you classify yourself as and urbanite and are seeking the more sophisticated look this is the garden set for you.

This ecofriendly chair is completely organic, and becomes a permanent fixture in your garden. All you need is cardboard, soil, grass seed and patience.

1)     Collect enough cardboard to build a sturdy frame

2)     Cut and interlock your cardboard into a chair shape

3)     Choose the perfect location and set it down and fill it up with soil

4)     Add a lot of grass seed, and water regularly

You can leave the grass long or trim it up once it has grown in thick. You could even make a garden set with a table, couch, lounge chair, literally anything you can think of. Happy Landscaping.

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