The Essential Garden Tools List

Garden Tools

1)     Gloves – The first thing you should obtain is a good set of gloves with a rubber coating, unless you want to pick dirt out of your fingernails for days.

2)     Wheelbarrow – This is the perfect too for transporting plants large and small and well as large loads of soil, this will definitely not be underused. I recommend one that is made of steel and wood.

3)     The Garden Spade – this is a multipurpose tool not only for digging you average hole, but also for sharp clean edges around your gardens.

4)     Fan Rake – perfect for gathering and cleaning up leaves, weeds, and any other surface garden waste.

5)     Pruning Saw – Ideal for those large branches that you need pruned or removed.

6)     Garden Shears/Lobbers – These are used for pruning your smaller trees and shrubs, to allow penetrating light for a lush plant.

7)     Hand-held Tools – with every big job there a many more smaller job that require smaller tools to pinpoint exactly where you need to go. A hand-held hoe, rake, shovel, and knife will allow you to develop the perfect garden.

Do your research and find out what is the perfect combination of garden tools for your garden shed.