The Courtyard

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Courtyards are enclosed or semi-enclosed areas that are surrounded one building. With the great blue sky overhead they are amazing places to host friends, family, and colleagues forsoirees. But before the evening party we must consider what goes into making the courtyard a beautiful warm and inviting place. To build from the ground up you should always start with the appropriate type of pavers that will give you the look you are going for. Planters are a great way to bring some nature into the area without having to plant something that will destroy your patio with its roots over time. If you are planting throughout think of small shrubs that will have a more contained root system.  If you do have large trees or shrubs in your courtyard an good idea would be to build a low profile deck, leaving plenty of space for your tree to grow and have no effect on your walking surface. Another visually appealing feature of you courtyard could be a pond, fountain, or waterfall. Bringing a water feature into your courtyard can real dress it up. Think of your courtyard as an extension of your home, a great living space that combines nature and comfort.

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