Sprinklers vs. Hose

Water Inefficient Irrigation

What better way to maximize your lawn hydration without having to struggle with that pesky hose.

Sprinklers provide the permanent time saving option. Imagine no more frustration from dealing with a tangled hose. No more whipping that hose around trying to undo the kinks. No longer will you have to get muddy from coiling up your hose after it has been dragged around your lawn and garden. Remove little accidents such as killing flowers with a dragging whipping hose. The best solution to properly hydrate your lawn and garden and remove the difficulty of hose problems is a reticulation system. Better yet, why not an automated sprinkler system, you set the timer and forget your problems.

No longer will you be going outside to water the lawn or garden. You will be free to spend more time doing what you want to do, and still have a beautifully lush lawn. A properly installed sprinkler system should be nearly invisible. Talk to your professionals at Greenprint Landscapes and get the water where you want it.