Greenprint Landscapes Tip: Reticulation, For Your Consideration


Reticulation, For Your Consideration

Rain water is an excellent source for watering your lawn and plants, all you need is a way to gather and store rain water for future use in your reticulation system. Before you install a rain barrel you should consider certain factors.

1) Are you harvesting run off from your roof?

Certain roofing materials can cause the rain water to become contaminated, such as treated cedar shakes or tar and gravel. If your gutters use lead based paint or solder, they can cause contamination as well. Always be aware of the things your harvested water may come into contact with, which may cause contamination.

2) Capturing water, how much? What size reservoir?

When it comes to quantity of water you really need to consider what you will be using it for. Will it be used for watering the lawn, a garden, a flower bed, or for washing your car? The best way to decide what size is right for you is to analyze your water bill during those peak summer months, when you would water the most.

3) Keeping animals out.

It is extremely important to ensure you have a tight fitting lid for an animal proof reservoir. Vermin can get into you system and clog it up, and depending on your reticulation system can become quite costly to repair. A fine mesh screen and plastic that is UV protected will reduce the chance for debris and insects to turn your reservoir into a breeding ground.

4) Water damage, not good….

A well-constructed automatic overflow system is essential for prevent your home and surrounding area from water damage. Ensure an automatic overflow system is in place so that when the water level gets too high it is diverted through a hose/tube and away from your home.