Limestone blocks in Perth

Limestone Blocks

Greenprint Landscapes offers quality landscaping products and solutions for commercial, industrial and residential customers.

Our limestone blocks are produced in Perth with no added filler. Everyone that we’ve worked with tells us that we have the best limestone blocks in Perth

The natural limestone blocks that we offer have no adverse environmental effects or waste products, making them cleaner and better building materials. We offer a variety of limestone styles giving our customers a range of products that best suits their style and budget. We offer both reconstituted and natural limestone blocks with colours from cream to off white.

Advantages of using limestone blocks

They are denser and stronger: our limestone products are extremely durable due to their high density. This gives you an advantage over other building materials since limestone products are difficult to damage or tarnish. They are available in different sizes: We offer blocks which have been modified according to the customer’s specifications. We will work hand in hand with you to ensure the details of your project are met.

We offer limestone products with different textures. This gives you the flexibility to determine the style which suits you best. We offer blocks for both household and professional use: Our customers who buy in bulk can obtain discounts depending on order size. Limestone products improve homes.

Not only are our products good for improving the look of your home or office, they also play a big role in sealing your home, which means low maintenance costs for the long term.

They can be used for several renovation projects including flooring and wall construction. The limestone blocks we install come with our guarantee of superior quality and craftsmanship.  We strive to make sure the goals of your project are met with flying colours.

We take pride in our work and we’ll make your development a seamless process.