Reticulation installation

Reticulation installation

It is hard to define reticulation and even harder to describe it in a manner than works. In Laymen’s terms and to keep things simple, it is basically an automatic watering system. At Greenprint Landscapes we can assist you in developing a water reticulation system that is ideal for your lawns and gardens to keep them healthy and vibrant. With our help you can kick back, relax and watch your turf grow.

We can analyse the layout of your landscaped garden or construct a whole new one so that you will have a lawn that is cost effective, efficient and beautiful.

Automated systems mean that you don’t need to worry about how you are going to water the lawn or your gardens manually. It can also be set to take place at a time of day that is ideal to water lawns and garden. Depending on the space, we use either poly pipe reticulation systems or the more durable PVC pipe systems. We also provide a range of options for sprinklers, timing systems, from on-tap systems through to fully wired in wall mounted control systems.

If you already have a reticulation water system installed, but it doesn’t seem to be working properly, we can undertake repairs to get it back up and running effectively for you. Let us help you grow a lawn you can be proud of.