Limestone Walls and Capping

At GreenPrint Landscaping we believe that we can add the perfect finishing touches to your garden. As we are expert landscapers in Perth we appreciate that there will be times that you may wish to divide your new landscape in to areas or sections. This may be raised garden beds or simply walls separating one area from another and what better way to do this than using limestone blocks?

Limestone, being a natural product will fit perfectly in any garden. When first installed it will look clean and new and over time will weather naturally and look like a well established feature in itself. Alternatively, if you wish to keep the ‘new’ feel, the blocks are easy to clean and maintain so it is certainly down to individual preference. Either way limestone blocks will never look out of place.
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There are so many benefits of using limestone. Firstly, it is easy to maintain and relatively cheap in comparison to other natural products that are on the market. In addition it is not something that will be fashionable one minute and look dated the next that can be the case with using man made bricks or blocks. Your garden will look natural and well maintained for years to come and will be the perfect place to relax and take things easy.