Greenprint Landscapes Tip: Selecting Sprinklers


How to Select the Right Sprinkler Type for Your Lawn:

Which to use, sprays, rotary nozzles, or rotors? Here are some questions to guide your selection.

Is your water pressure less than 40 PSI static? If so you should consider using sprays or rotary nozzles.

Is the area long and narrow, between 15-28′ wide? Then you should look into rotary nozzles.

Is the area you want to water greater than 25′ x 30′ in dimensions? If so, rotors may be the best solution.

Is the edge of the area to be watered curved? If the edge has sharp curves (less than 20′ radius) then rotors will have difficulty watering the edges without over spraying them. This may not be an issue depending on what is beyond the edge. If the area beyond the edge should not get water on it you might want to consider a smaller rotary nozzle or spray-type sprinkler.