Greenprint Landscapes Tip: Pruning your Plants

Pruning Tomatoes Med

The main reason for pruning your trees and shrubs is to train a tree to grow in a specific way and to allow for more light penetration which creates full lush foliage. Proper pruning techniques are essential for happy, healthy, and beautiful looking plants. The first thing you must understand is that improper pruning techniques are worse for your plant than not pruning at all. Improper pruning techniques used on your trees and shrubs can lead to a deformed, weakened or dead tree or shrub. The key to success is, knowing what you are doing. The premise of pruning is to reduce or remove the parts of the plant that are not needed. If done correctly it will allow for better development of the limbs and flowers of the plant. There are 4 main reasons for pruning: to train, maintain, improve, or restrict growth.