Greenprint Landscapes Tip: Pruning the Basics

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When it comes to foliage and maximizing your tree’s appearance you want to know how to go about pruning.

You can’t just simply attack the tree and hope for the best. At first you will want to remove all the dead, broken, or diseased branches first to examine how much of the tree is still alive. When you make you cuts you want to cut at the branch’s point of origin. In many cases just removing the bad branches will allow more light to penetrate into the canopy and allow for healthy new branches to grow.

If you are looking to shape your tree the next step after removing the dead branches is to make training cuts. You should examine the tree first so that you can understand the natural growth pattern. If you disrupt it too much you could end up killing the tree. After you have made a cut stand back and examine it, once a branch is cut there is no going back.

Pruning can be done at any time of the year for most plants however you should contact your professionals at Greenprint Landscapes in Perth, W.A. for that perfect look.