How to save on your water consumption

How to save on your water consumption

In Western Australia’s hot dry climate, water restrictions are increasingly becoming more severe. We need to make steps to conserve our water usage while maintaining beautiful lawns.

Here are a few guidelines to help you save on your water consumption:

1) Shade and cooling can be created by planting trees: a tree can provide shade and cooling for around your house and garden. Also saving on the costs to cool your home.

2) During the winter, automatic irrigation systems should be turned off: This saves 200 litres of water per day! Also, most plants and lawns can survive on the amount of water provided by normal rainfall that Perth receives during the winter months.

3) Choose plants for your garden that are water wise: This will reduce the amount of water your garden requires.

4) Ensure plants make the most of water they receive by preparing the soil before you plant them: With healthy soil your plants will be healthy and water wise. Adding Easy Wetta Potting mixes are great products to use.

5) Mulch should be 10cm thick spreading over the entire planted area of your garden: Easy Wetta Mulch can reduce evaporation loss from soils surfaces by as much as 70%