Greenprint Landscapes Tip: How to Define Reticulation in Landscaping?

Lawn Irrigation System

How to Define Reticulation in Landscaping?

Water reticulation is all about getting the water where it needs to go the most efficient way.

If the entire reticulation is constructed properly and professionally it prevents water loss. The best way to define reticulation is to visualize the way the plant delivers the water throughout its extremities. The plant absorbs the water from the ground and sends the water through its central stem, which has various branches that act as pathways to deliver the water exactly where it is needed.

Landscaping reticulation is a web of channels and networks in which the water is effectively and efficiently distributed. A proper water reticulation system is extremely important in areas where there is a scarce or limited source of water designated for you lawn or garden.

Reticulation is all about get the right amount of water exactly where it is needed with minimal waste.