Greenprint Landscapes Tip: Grass Help

Greenprint Landscapes Image - Care

When it comes to your lawn you want to make sure that it is healthy and well maintained. But what do you do if you get bald, dead or insect infested spots? If your lawn has any of these problems, than you need grass help.  In most cases you could start fresh, and add some lawn seed, but a system should be followed to ensure your lawn seed reaches its maximum potential. Your first step is to prepare the surface, use a rake to rough up the soil and bring the nutrients to the top.  Always use good fresh seed, unfortunately many people use whatever is lying in the garage or shed. Then they wonder why their bald spots look like a bad comb-over. When you spread your lawn seed make sure it has good contact with the ground and don’t be shy, over seeding is better than under seeding. After you have spread your seed around you want to lightly tamp it down to ensure it doesn’t blow away in a strong wind. If you can mulch with a thin layer straw, it will protect the new growth. Water the fresh lawn seed every morning and night in order to provide proper hydration. If more than half of you lawn is in need of repair you may want to consider Greenprint Landscapes located in Perth, WA for a complete lawn restoration.