Greenprint Landscapes Tip: Eco-Friendly Weed Killers


A weed is a plant which is considered to most people as an undesirable and unattractive plant that infests an area where it is not wanted, aka your garden and lawn!
Recent bans on the toxic weed killers, led to a product line of ineffective and weak weed killers that are expensive and essentially useless. Here are a few options that are in eco-friendly and virtually in every home.

1)     Boil Them Out

This one speaks for itself, boil some salt water and be very cautious when transporting it to the weeds you want to kill. Pour it directly on the plant while keeping it relatively low to the ground to prevent splash back burns.

2)     Burn Them Out

This one is for the pyros out there, take a blowtorch and burn away the weed. Singe its leaves, stem and most importantly its base as low as you can.

3)     Pickles Anyone?

Pickling vinegar is not just for pickles anymore. This is one method that is highly effective and can literally work overnight but be careful it will kill everything it’s sprayed on. Make sure you spray it directly on the centre of the weed near its base. There are several different mixtures that are available online however I suggest mixing the following; 4 liters of 10% pickling vinegar, 60ml of orange oil approximately 1 teaspoon of liquid soap. Mix well and do not add water to dilute the mixture.

4)     Down and Dirty

For all those who just want the invasive plant gone and don’t want to wait the best method is to pull it out with the aid of a little shovel. Instant results, a little pain and some gain.

Dodder about to be pickled
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