Greenprint Landscapes Tip: Australian Tree Choices

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A tree is a semi-permanent fixture to the outdoor appearance of your home.

When it comes to selection you need to find the right fit for your Perth, WA. home. There are a lot of different factors to consider; will the tree be near a walkway, and open area, near a pond, close to you house or patio. These are some factors that will affect your decision. If you are planting near a walkway you want to pick out a tree that has a deep narrow root system so that the root system doesn’t disturb and disrupt the path or patio. This can cause dangerous trip hazards and a very uneven surface that would result in the removal of the path or the death of the tree. When given the opportunity to choose you should never plant a tree near your home.

You want to avoid the costly expenditure of having to redo your basement foundation, not to mention the trouble of clogged eaves troughs when your tree loses its leaves. You can choose from small garden, medium trees, colourful autumn trees, large summer trees, flowering trees, fruiting trees, trees that can tolerate drought, weeping trees, and costal trees. Speak with your professional at Greenprint Landscapes to find out what the best selection is for you. See next week’s blog for more detail  about these different types.