Greenprint Landscapes Aim & Suppliers

As an authoritative source within the industry, we also actively create online articles that contain useful tips and facts specific to landscaping in Perth, Australia. We do this through our Facebook and Twitter outlets, as well as on our website’s blog. Via these channels you can check out interesting landscaping articles that we relay. You can find out what we know about gardens, landscaping, drought resistant plants and more. You can even find links to great shoes made from artificial turf; if it relates to gardens and landscaping, we’ve written about it!

We make an effort to document these things in order to keep our followers informed and so that we keep ourselves up to date with changes within the industry; we’re genuinely interested and passionate about what we do.

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Our Suppliers

Greenprint Landscapes’ suppliers are very important to our company. Working with other great companies allows us to offer top quality landscaping services to you. When it comes to landscape gardening, it is essential to utilise good quality products and to collaborate with good people; at the end of the day, your outdoor space is only as good as the products used and the workmanship employed.

A quality finish is always our aim; our designs are made to stand the test of time. We make this happen by working with some of the best in the business and using their high quality products on the properties that we design and maintain.

Thank you to all Greenprint Landscapes suppliers: